Welcome to France

If you are working in the UK and having questions regarding your future, with the possible upcoming Brexit, you are more than welcome to come and work and live in France. We have many positions in hospitals and clinics and for family doctors all over the country. We also have vacancies for dentists and physiotherapists: there is work for everybody.

We are a Dutch recruiting company, based in Burgundy. Founded in 2008, we have helped more than 200 European doctors to find a job in France. Our strong point is that we are not only experts in founding the right job for you, but we will be accompanying you with the paperwork and be at your side during the whole process of your installation.

We work together with the largest chains of France. On this website you only see a small selection of the vacancies in our portfolio. We have much more (more than 300 vacancies).

Interested? Contact us by phone +33 6 83 90 15 83 or by email: info@cabinetvanderlee.com