Never back

medecin de travail

Klazina van Zwol, company doctor: I have been working for 4,5 years as a company doctor in France. I work 1 on 1 with an assistant who takes a lot of administration off my hands. Delicious! The administrative pressure is in any case much lower than in the Netherlands. Received mail? Oh, after 3 days answers is also good.
Enormous job satisfaction gives me the many company visits, where the contribution of the company doctor is greatly appreciated. The fact that my companies are so varied makes me gain new knowledge every day, such as regarding the risks of aluminum casting or wood dust or regarding addiction risks among staff working in the wine industry. The profession has become much broader!
The collaboration within the multidisciplinary team is also excellent (ergonomist, occupational hygienist, psychologist). In the joint projects, the emphasis is always on improving working conditions and the prevention of health complaints.
In the individual contact with employees, there is a lot of room for coaching and guidance, which is not used by a company doctor, but which is gratefully received.
All of this coupled with a beautiful living environment (nature in abundance, space and tranquility) makes you satisfied with the choice every day. We now live in our second small village. The social cohesion and especially the cordiality we have met is doing well. A lot of courage and perseverance was needed for the transfer, but it is more than worth it. Back to the Netherlands? Well no.